Surfing through the various pages of this website will lead the wandering thinker, "Who is this NCmish?" The name became me walking the back country of North Carolina, where two years of life was spent among the small-town locals. Serving as a missionary in North Carolina was an experience. It provided me with a desire to learn, greater maturity, and direction for the years to come. I adapted the handle "NCmish" to represent me as an online identity and as a reminder of two of the most important years of my life.

A self proclaimed computer nerd, my fascination of these machines began early with the families' purchase of a revolutionary Apple IIGS. This machine was built with all the bells and whistles including a whopping 2 K of memory, a 5.25 floppy drive, and one of the first Apple OS produced. The advancement of technology was obvious with the required hard boot every time the whizzing fans would foster life. These were the Apple days of my life, and were replaced by an old 386 with a battered 20 megabyte hard drive given to me by my Uncle David. After returning from my mission I met Richard Johnson, who attained computer deity long before I knew him. With Rich’s help I built my first computer, and since then I have constructed dozens more.

The first time I ever set eyes on the Internet was when mother brought me over to my Father's lab at the university and pulled up the weather forecast in Japan. I wasn't too impressed. After all, what could Mother possibly show me that I already didn't know? It wasn't until after the mission that I truly understood the expansive resources controlled by my fingertips. Today the Internet fills every waking hour of my life. I even spend time with my Daughter, Emilee, pulling up pictures of her favorite barn yard animals (which are definitely cooler then the weather in Japan!)

My life has since become completely immersed in computers. I am constantly reading the news, political columns, the weather (it changes every hour in Minnesota), email, chatting with friends on messenger, video phoning with Skype, and with the new addition of Vonage – talking on the phone. I spend time with Kim, printing photos, creating videos, constructing websites. At work I have become a wizard at Microsoft Excel and the first person approached if the network is not working. I am addicted to music, and find my massive mp3 collection the only cure. I can not make any type of purchase, without spending time researching the web. Yes, I am a computer nerd, and spend every waking moment climbing through the endless information of the cyber world.