My sister and I at Sunsplash

Kim and I at Hoover Dam.

Cam and Robyn's wedding

Friends After Playing In the Rain

Cody, Cory and I

My brother Chad and I in the courtyard behind the capital in Rome

Two of my roommates, Brian and Darin

Celebration the Night the D-Backs won the series.

Another day at the lake.

Family Photo...

See Family Section..

Farr, Lynette and I before a costume party.

Opening ceremonies for Game 1 of the World Series, 2001

My Old place of employment...I was paid to watch the ball game!

Kim and I dancing in the Park. 4th of July, 1999

Friends after a day at Giesila

The roommate trip to Kansas City.

Watching the KC Chief's play in KC,

Kim and I at Disneyland

Kim and I at Alcatraz in front of San Francisco

Kim and I at Zions National Park (Angel's Landing)

Aaron's wedding.

My home within my Home.

Me with roommates at Mike's Wedding

NCRM Missionaries at Sis. Van Cott's Wedding

Parent's picking up the new G4.

Downtown Vancouver in Canada


Retaliation Following Girl's Night Out.

The Pope @ the Vatican. Christmas Day, 1999

San Marcos in Venice, Italy

Sistine Chapel in The Vatican

Friends at a bonfire.

Outside the Vatican Museum, Italy

Sunrise in Venice, Italy

Game 1 of the World Series

YSAP staff at the Sunsplash Party

Downtown Seattle

The Aquarium in Albuquerque

Mt. Rainier from the Airplane


Left Field Seats at BOB on the wall.


Peter and I at his Graduation

Peter, Dad, and I at Pete's Graduation.

Dad and Janie Before a Hike.

The Wishing well with Josh and Lynette @ Chapel Hill North Carolina.